A sucessfull recovery
First, I'll acknowledge, all trust has been broken (...) I pray for us at night
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"Not caring what people think about you is so much easier said than done and I think that it’s easy to be in school and kind of compare yourself to everybody else, you might think that you’re weird because some people don’t like you or because you just dont feel like you belong in your own skin in your school and I think that it’s important to realize that there’s absolutely nothing wrong with you you’re worth so much. As time progresses you’ll see that and you have to learn to love yourself and accept yourself because its your skin."


people be like “i suck at drawing”

"Please don’t abuse the fact that I’m genuinely sharing a huge part of my life with you guys… I want you guys to know who I am and understand me on a deeper level than people who don’t actually know me.”




Longe ou perto, tanto faz. Quem quer ser feliz corre atrás.
Clarice Falcão. (via s-i-m-p-l-i-f-i-c-a-r)

As minhas melhores lembranças são ao seu lado.
— Lua (via relevada)